Review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

In 2017, there were many Android flagship smartphones that had a very thin border screen. Gradually, this feature became part of the mid-range phone, and now the company is trying to woo customers with this special type of display in the budget phone. Infocus Vision 3 and Honor 9 Lite are some of its good options. In the budget segment, Xiaomi has been a summer and now the company has also turned towards the fullscreen display.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, is the best-selling smartphone in 2017. The year has changed so there is a lot of expectations from Xiaomi once again. In such a situation, there is a big responsibility on Xiaomi  Redmi Note 5 and we believe that this phone has done this responsibility very well.
The company has launched another powerful model with a better camera. The company named it Redmi Note 5 Pro. The first Smartphone who has come up with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 636 processor. Xiaomi Radmi Note 5 Pro supports full HD + display and it has Qualcomm's own custom cryo CPU core. These things are very widespread. But the question is, how much is special from Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 5? You will find the answer by reading the phone's review.

Xiaomi  Redmi Note 5 Pro Design and Its Build Quality


From now on, you will look like Radmi Note 5 Pro Redmi Note 5. 18: 9 are also the curved sides of the display. The phone still has the edge on the left and right sides. At the same time, the border on the top and bottom is wider. Due to the back of the metal and the large battery, this phone is slightly heavy, weighing 181 grams. It's great to see our phone white and gold trim If you want you can buy the phone in Black, Blue, and Rose Gold color.

5.99-inch display is full-HD + resolution. Gorilla guards have been used to protect the phone. There are no capacitive buttons, Xiaomi has used the onscreen navigation button. At the top of the phone's screen, there is a front camera, earpiece, spreading self-fire, and sensor.
Body is of metal and grip is convenient. If the phone is taken in hand, then the sense of the button is too far. But their response is good. Like other handsets of Shamoi Redmi Note, IR emitter is also up there. The bottom has a 3.5 mm headphone socket, microphone, micro-USB port, and speaker grill. We estimate that you can see type c port in it. You will see a hybrid dual sim tray on the left. In this phone, you can use a Nano SIM with two Nano SIM or MicroSD card (up to 128 GB).
The metal back will remind you of Radami Note 4 to a great extent, especially due to a matte finish and tapering edges. The fingerprint sensor is easy to reach after taking the phone in hand. It also fastens fingers. The camera has a clear look. Obviously, this design is quite inspired by the iPhone X. The setup of lens and flash is also a feature of the phone. Bulge means that if it is placed on a flat surface, then it sits at a strange angle. There is nothing else on the back side. Just below the Xiaomi's logo
We received this phone without any packaging for review. The company has said that the user will get Standard Charger and silicon cover such as Redmi Note 5 with this phone.

The phone is quite long. For this reason, you can not keep this phone in the pocket easily. There is no complaint besides this. On the other side, the width of the phone is fine. For this reason, the phone can be easily flipped in one hand. After using the phone for two to three days, we used to its weight. Overall the building quality of the Redmi Note 5 Pro is good and it is beautiful to look.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Specifications and Features

Xiaomi says that the Redmi Note 5 Pro is the truly upgraded version of Redmi Note 3. This claim is correct in terms of performance. This is the first phone who has come up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, which was introduced in October last year. In our test, the processor of Radmi Note 5 Pro made 10 percent better results than snapdragon 625 processors.

Redmi Note 5 Pro will give you two variants  4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM. Both variants have 64 GB storage. You can use up to 128 GB microcards in it. It has Bluetooth 5, Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, GPS, FM radio, USB-OTG, and essential sensor. The handset has 4G VoLTE support.

The phone's MIUI software is based on Android 7.1.1 Nouga. It's a matter of disappointment. The company has not said anything about the Android Oro updates yet. Android security patches are not updated too.

Custom Skin is the same as the recently launched xiaomi redmi 5a  and xiaomi redmi y1. The interface and home screen are also quite smooth. Even the animation does not slow down the phone which is a good thing. In Radmi Note Pro 5 you will already get some app installs. With the drop of the drop, you can send files with the help of ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. the other person's phone should also drop me for this. You will also get store and m community which cannot be uninstalled by phone.

There is also the option of Wi-Fi calling which will be found in the settings but you will not be able to activate it. Because this service will be provided by Cellular Network Provider. UI themes can also be changed.

Fingerprint sensor can be used to lock the app and capture photos. You will find features such as the quick ball, one-handed mode and dual app UI.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro's Performance, Camera and Battery Life

We reviewed 4 GB RAM variants. Its performance was the best in common use. On the screen, fingerprints are printed, but dust and stains on the rest of the body do not stick. Call quality is good. The sound comes from the speaker for alert and media playback. The phone is often cold. It's a bit hot after running a camera while playing a game. This phone does not get too hot, which is a good thing.

Xiaomi has also given its music and video application for media playback. By the way, if Google's media player is already installed, there is no need for these applications Apart from this, an application like MX Player is also available for free. This phone can also play video 4. There is also the option of audio enhancement for headphones, which can be activated from the Settings app. The headphone comes with a high-quality sound.

Xiaomi says that the cameras are one of the best features of the Redmi Note 5 Pro. Our experience is also appreciable There are two sensors on the back side. Its primary sensor is 12 megapixels, which is F / 2.2 aperture. At the same time, 5 megapixels secondary camera was used to evaluate the depth in protracted mode. As a result, the difference between human faces and background remains clear.

The cameras of Redmi Note captures photos with sensor details of 12 megapixels in daylight. The phone has a little difficulty in maintaining white balance in more light, but on most occasions, the results are mostly fineAutofocus gets a bit slow in low light. The problem of shutter lag also comes up. But the quality of the image is very bad Landscape shot detail levels are fine and Noyez is also limited. Color reproduction is good in macros shot Even in low light, portrait mode gives good results.

Our review unit was running on beta ROM so there was no support for video recording of 4k. However, Xiaomi told us that this phone will probably come with this feature at the time of the cellFull-HD video looks good in natural light. Colors are retired The level of detail is also good Redmi Note 5 Pro has electronic image stabilization, which works fine

However, frequent autofocus was too effective during recording video. As soon as we switched off, autofocus started working more properly. There is also the option of slow motion and time-lapse video that works well. There is a 20-second video clip record in the short video shooting mode, but the audio quality is extremely average. Panorama mode works fine too But its manual mode is very limited, you will only be able to control white balance and ISO

The 20-megapixel front camera takes the best selfie Bokeh mode, it works well in edge detection It is possible through Xiaomi's AI Learning Algorithm. This feature blurred most of the backgrounds of our pictures in test shots, leaving one or two places apart. art Also It Has A Selfie Light It Is Helpful In Low Light K Butitization mode can be switched ON if you need some of your facial features.

Battery life is also strong The 4000 mAh battery of Note 5 Pro has helped us easily throughout the day. Battery supports fast charging, but the 10-watt charger provided with the handset will not work fine. We used our  Quick Charged Power Adapter with this phone. after this, there was a notification on the lock screen which was saying that now the phone is charging faster. Besides, the charging icon was changed to the status bar. This was a notification on the lock screen which was said to be fast Besides, the charging icon was changed to the status bar.

Our decision

Seen If, There Is Nothing Wrong With Redmi Note 5 Pro From The Redmi Note 5k You Will Find Better Cameras Battery Life Is Also Slightly Better And More Powerful Processors Are Also Too Your Experience Will Be Better For All Reasons You Can Take Some Time Even I like the long screen, which is also in the sun. Sharpe And Even In The Sun's Light

The prostrate mode also works for front and rear cameras and provides reliable battery life. The app and system performance are also QA-compliments. As a 'pro' model we were hoping for more good features in this phone. The  Company should have a fast Charger and a USB Type-C port besides this, the design should have also been done which will differentiate this phone. If out of the box was Android Orio, then there was another good feature for fans of Xiaomi. 

The starting price of Rs 13,999, this phone goes far beyond the rest. As an alternative to this price, you also have Xiaomi's MiA1 This phone is for those who love the stock Android interface like Google pixels series. In this price range, we have also been able to buy Moto G5S Plus for our viewers. But considering the price, there is no mismatch between xiaomiRedmi Note 5 Pro in terms of performance and feature